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A 5 Year Old’s World

For the end of the year, Lboy’s preschool teachers had all the kids do a fill in the blank. One of the questions asked something along of the lines of “When I grow up I want to be a _______________.” His response?

A Vampire. So he can scare everybody.

No seriously. That’s what it says. The teacher even put it in quotation marks so that we would know it was a direct quote.

A few weeks later, Lboy & I were talking in the church before Mass had started & we were talking about the definition of “vocation” & we talked about what we’re all called to do in life. And from there we went into different things he could be when he’s grown up, a dad, a doctor, a priest, a fireman, a lawyer, etc etc etc. At which point he quickly whispered, “MOM! You know that I want to be when I grow up! A vampire so I can scare people!”

Oh yes, how could I forget?! Ha!

Today, we were driving home & we started talking about professions again & of course, vampires came up. It went something like this,

“Lboy, you do know that vampires drink blood right? And they only come out at night.”

“EWW! Blood?!?! I definitely do not want to be a vampire!”

“Ok. So what are you thinking now??”

“Probably not a zombie. Definitely not a vampire. Hmmmm………….a SUPERHERO! Yeah, that’s what I’ll be! Like Superman!”

Ah. To see the world from the viewpoint of a 5 year old.

I love it.

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Past Posts You Are Guaranteed to Love: