I really don’t like the Similac ad

Ah, the latest commercial out there reigning in we silly moms who can’t get along because of our ideological differences in parenting. We need formula companies telling us how to behave & how to get along because without a silly video we would just sit around cat fighting at a playground like a bunch of junior high brats…. Sigh.

I’m constantly amazed when I read or watch things about the alleged “mommy wars.” Am I the only one who lives in a world of mature adults who respect the individual decisions we all make for our families, (whether we are best friends or total strangers at the playground?) Or am I living in a bubble?

I really don’t give a crap what choices other parents make for their kids. Do I have my opinions? You bet I do. But those opinions typically are reserved solely for how I want my children to be raised. I really don’t pay attention to what other people do, as long as their children aren’t abused or neglected.

I have friends who work outside of the home, friends who stay home, friends who work at home. I have friends who vaccinate, friends who don’t, friends who use strollers, friends who baby wear, friends who do both. Friends who breastfeed, friends who pump, friends who use formula, friends who do all three. Friends who co-sleep, friends who put their babies in a crib from the day they’re born. Friends who go to church, friends who don’t, friends who try. Friends who choose to have one kid, friends who want a 100. Friends who spank, friends who don’t. Friends who are anti-GMO, friends who aren’t….. are you getting the theme here yet?! There is not one single person who parents identical to another!

We are all adults & like I said before, we are mature ones. If you don’t agree with my parenting decision, I could care less. Just like you should care less if I disagree with yours. And chances are I would never tell you if I disagreed because it’s not my place. They aren’t my kids. It’s not my family. What works for me isn’t necessarily going to work for you.

Do parents actually sit around fighting over the decisions others make? Or is it really a media hyped circus creating a lot of issues by attempting to pit us all against each other? Things like this commercial really don’t give we parents enough credit. If I spent all my time telling other parents how to raise their kids I would never get anything done for my own family. So, thanks for nothing Similac. The rest of the world is already on their best behavior, even if you don’t see it that way.

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