How Much is Too Much Online?

A friend of mine posted a link on Facebook to an article on Slate about how this family NEVER posts anything about their kid online. It’s not because of the predators or nasty people getting a hold of her photos, as much as it’s all about how they don’t want her to have a digital footprint online until she’s old enough to decide it for herself.

You can read the article here: We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online.

I think that the article is interesting. I don’t know if I agree or disagree on it 100%, but I do have some thoughts on it.

There are things we do & don’t do. We do put pictures of our kids on Facebook & tell little stories about them. There are no potty training stories & photos and there are no stories of either kid getting in trouble. That’s not fair & the whole world doesn’t need to know those stories. That’s between us & them.

I’ve slowed down on putting anything of them on my blog as far as photos are concerned. Yesterday’s post on here was the first photo of my kids on there in probably 2 years. When I started blogging I never thought of the implications of putting my kid all over the web. Hindsight is 20/20, I’m a lot pickier now. It’s reduced my blog content by a lot, but it’s worth it. I’ve heard too many horror stories from friends who blog to ever feel comfortable giving someone free reign on my kids. What I did in the past is done, but I can change it for the future.

When I do decide to tell a story, I get even pickier about the information I put on here about them, for example, I wanted to tell a story about Lboy the other day, but the way I had to describe it would have let anyone & everyone know the location of his bedroom in the house. The story wasn’t worth it. It may sound over the top, but there is enough data out there where people tell you to keep those details off the internet because there are sickos out there probing your kids’ information. Don’t make it easy for them to find.

I’m super strict about never posting that we are out of town or going on a trip. I don’t even like it when Todd tweets that we’re at the movies & the kids are home with a sitter. I never want anyone to know what I am currently doing, they should always know about it after it’s done, whether it is a trip to the beach or a trip out to a local park. No one needs to know my house is sitting empty. Want to call me paranoid? I wouldn’t until you read this: Thieves Robbed Home Based on Facebook & Social Media Sites.

There are bloggers out there who put everything in their world online, I totally respect them for it & sometimes wish I didn’t have that annoying voice telling me not to post things. It’s really what you feel comfortable with, for me, I don’t feel right posting as much as I did in the past.

And there’s my novel on the topic…..what do you think?

how much is too much

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  1. says

    With Facebook, I never post about things (like my location) while I’m out of the house. I always wait until I get home. My husband worked two weeks of nights recently and I felt myself wanting to “vent” about it online, but wouldn’t dare let anyone (besides family through a phone call) know that I was home alone with my daughter. No way! Just the other day, my SIL posted her address on FB for a yard sale she was having. I texted her that she should change it to, “message me for address” instead. It’s too risky. On my blog, my daughter is three so I feel like it’s still okay to write semi-specific stories about her. But I think as she gets into grade school that will change. I’ve posted a pic of her at preschool, but put a “sticker” on her school shirt. I can definitely agree with the idea that she’s not old enough to consent, but at the same time, I’ve never (and will never) say anything “bad” about her (and my future daughter). On FB I like to write silly little things she says–family and friends eat it up and tell me how much they love reading about her stories on FB, and my blog as well.
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    • Kate P. says

      I absolutely agree with you Katie! I never want people to know my dirty laundry either, so I try to keep it positive & light. Certain things are really none of anyone’s business. It drives me nuts when I see people bashing their spouses online or family online. If it goes on the internet it’s ALWAYS on the internet!

      I love how you put the sticker over the shirt. Brilliant idea that I’m going to file away for picture posting!

    • Kate P. says

      Hahahaha! You’re right, it’s nice knowing that the person who is keeping my kids does know how to use a gun & self defense.

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