Things that should be easy

…but NEVER are:

1. Finding shoes & socks for the kids. And then keeping said socks & shoes on said kids.

Why, why, why are shoes & especially socks so difficult to keep up with???

2. Getting Lboy’s lunch ready for school.

Lboy has one extended day at school where he eats lunch. Every time I pick him up after his long day & he tosses me the lunch box as he climbs into his car seat, I promise myself I’m going to wash & clean the entire lunch box as soon as I get home.

AND, the night before he has school lunch I promise myself I’m going to pack his lunch before I go to bed instead of making it in the morning? Do I ever? Rarely! And the times that I have packed it the night before make the mornings sooooo much easier.

3. Keeping my car clean.

WHY CAN’T I????? Why is it so impossible to keep a car clean. I was talking to Lboy’s school director & she asked me how I keep up with the laundry & kids’ toys for all the house showings. I honestly didn’t want to tell her at first because I thought she was going to think me insane. But, she told me that her secret was keeping empty laundry baskets around the house & fill them up with toys & clothes, the shove it all in the back of her van during showings. I was so relieved when I heard her say it! That’s how it goes around here.

Only problem with doing that, is you need to make sure you’re actually bringing the laundry baskets BACK INSIDE once the showing is over. Confession: that hasn’t always happened at our house.

4. Grocery shopping.

We have access to an unlimited amount of food, yet I complain about going, making menu plans, etc. I never, ever have to worry about when my children will have their next meal. Food is always guaranteed, yet my attitude is so ungrateful. I have really been working on recognizing I have it easy. I don’t have to grow it, raise it, can it, I just have to buy & cook it. Pretty simple. Shopping with both kids??? Not so simple.

Was loading both the kids up in the buggy* this weekend to get some shopping done & I ALMOST ran into a woman. She called me a not very nice name & gave me a dirty look. I was already overwhelmed, that made me even more so.

5. Getting to Lboy’s school on time.

I’m rarely late, there’s only been one time that I’ve showed up & he was the last kid there. My problem is that I’m always waaay too early! I just haven’t figured out the timing….. It’s only been 7 months. Ha!

For example, I spent the last 30 minutes writing this post on my phone…. In the parking lot of his school.

 What are things you think should be simple but never are for your family?

*buggy = shopping cart

I’ve had extensive conversations with Todd & the twitterverse on why I call it a buggy. I don’t know, I’m from the south. The rest of Y’ALL say it wrong. 😉


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    • says

      YES!!! I always always always promise myself that I’m going to keep it clean & it NEVER stays that way! The kids’ shoes, socks, clothes, everything is in there right now……

      I’m cleaning it out today, it has to be done, it’s awful!

  1. says

    1. I swear I’m going to workout every day. Yeah… it hasn’t happened regularly yet!
    2. I should be able to unload the dryer and put away all the clean clothes but alas, we continue to live out of it!
    3. I need to put MY shoes in our cubbies by the front and back doors so I can always find them – I take mine off and chunk ’em wherever I’m at.

    PS – It’s totally a buggy!
    NotYourMamasMartha! (@MrsShavers) Most Recent Post…The park is still super fun when you are 7 years old! #wordlesswednesday #kids #secondgrade #parenting

    • Kate P. says

      HA! So glad I’m not the only one who calls it a buggy! Todd always gives me the hardest time for it & what do his children call it now?!?! A BUGGY!!!! MUWAHAHAHA!

      Anywho…. I’m with you on all those things! Working out usually has to happen late at night (as discussed in the twitter party) but it gets so overwhelming ending my night at 9:30! I might me taking a break from it tonight & watching a movie!

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